About Us

About Us

Lois Sonstegard


Lois Sonstegard is a corporate officer and president of an international business with extensive experience in assembling, directing, and managing teams of people towards a common goal. She has a strong commitment to growth and continuous improvement in her business, for her employees and for the vendors with whom she works.

She has an MBA from Carlson School of Management, a PhD in Public Health, Hospital and Health Care Administration, and an MSN in Maternal-Child Healthcare. She is a transformational leader, coach, mentor, adjunct professor, mother, and wife.

Lois Sonstegard is a certified coach and is certified in the use of key leadership, personality and organizational assessments.  She is experienced in curriculum development, executive training, and measures of success.  Additionally, Lois Sosntegard provides executive coaching designed to achieve measurable results.

When Results Matter

Who We Are

Mission statement:  To inspire leaders to push boundaries so that they innovate, achieve extraordinary results, and change lives.

We come with over 30 years of health care experience and about 20 years of industry experience in marketing and branding and in manufacturing.  We have learned what it takes to make systems work.  We understand that people are the most valuable resource of an organization.  We build upon the strengths  within the organization, facilitate the building of effective teams, and leadership processes that ensure success. Grounded in the practical reality of her clients' complex and fast-changing world, As coaches and consultants, we serve as a catalyst for personal professional growth by helping our clients question their hidden mindsets and assumptions so that they can make intentional choices about how they want to lead. Our success is often attributed to our ability to listen deeply and to work alongside our clients.
Our success is predicated upon our meticulous development and execution of sound project management , leadership and management.

We consider ourselves an extension of your team.  Our goal is to make you successful and to help your organization or department realize its goals and objectives.

Our Background

We provide a great deal of breadth and depth to our clients.  Our principal holds a Ph.D in Hospital and Health Care Administration and an MBA in finance.  On staff we have attorneys who are nationally recognized for their work in employment law.  We have experience managing large and small projects  and have conducted various levels of scientific research.

We draw upon a number of tools, especially:  Gallup’s coaching, DISC’s Personality Inventory, PMP, and Agile Platforms.​

Did You Know?

Millennial turnover costs US businesses 30.5 billion dollars a year. What is your strategy?